Settlement Status

OSUWMC has agreed to pay a maximum of $4,000,000.00 to settle the Lawsuit. If you are a class member and you file a valid claim, you will receive a share of the Settlement Funds based upon a formula developed by Class Counsel and OSUWMC and approved by the Court. The maximum potential Settlement Funds available to pay all claims of the Representative Plaintiffs and  Settlement Class Members is $4,000,000.00 (“Maximum Settlement Funds”) less (i) Class Counsel’s attorneys’ fees, which will be determined by the Court and will not exceed one-third of the Maximum Settlement Amount; (ii) Class Counsel’s costs and expenses, which are approximately $14,200.00, as approved by the Court; (iii) an enhanced payments to the Representative Plaintiffs not to exceed $60,000.00; and (iv) costs of the Claims Administrator associated with the settlement.